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It got accepted yay

My topic of my master thesis which is about the simulation of real time materials for sculpting applications got accepted from the university. The first part will be the creation of an outline. The major sections according to the guidelines are:


  • Kapitel: Einleitung (Introduction)
  • Kapitel: Methoden (Methods)
  • Kapitel: Resultate (Results)
  • Kapitel: Diskussion & Ausblick(Discussion & Outlook)

While chapter 1 and 2 has theorethical content, chapter 3 and 4 must contain information about the practical implementation. So it will take a while until results will be available as I first have to write those theorethical parts. However the practical part requires some preparation stuff like the creation of volumetric textures which are required to enhance the visual appearance.

The next step now is the first consultation with the supervisor about the next steps.


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