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Endless Dream


After an accident, Annelie found herself trapped in a dream world. In the game world a subtle confrontation with the memories and emotions of the protagonist, and a steadily intensifying perception of the outside world takes place. While navigating her soul vessel through three different dream worlds the events that preceded can be reconstructed. The way through this level of consciousness is complicated by symbol charged puzzles and enemies which challenge the skill and marksmanship of the players.



One Angry Gamer – The story follows Annelie… or at least what is left of her, on her journey to recovery. Based on the poetic official description for the game, Annelie was in a tragic car accident and suffers the fate of falling into a deep coma and losing her memories in the process. Annelie is now trapped within her own mind, an Endless Dream of scattered images and emotions, as she attempts to piece her mind back together to make sense of what happened and attempt to wake up. – „Endless Dream“, das Erstlingswerk des neu gegründeten Indie-Studios „Lost in Pixels“ (FH Salzburg), ist wohl die ungewöhnlichste Einreichung des Bewerbs. Man schlüpft in die Rolle von Annelie, die nach einem Unfall in ihren eigenen Traumwelten gefangen ist. Der Spieler erkundet diese Traumwelten mit einem Raumschiff-ähnlichen „Seelen-Fahrzeug“ und zwingt Annelie dabei dazu, sich ihren eigenen Erinnerungen und Gefühlen zu stellen.

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Our aspiration was to create a retro like game with fresh elements. With „Endless Dream“ we tried to mix old and new gaming ideas.

Lost In Pixels


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playertesting and concept

A new game needs masters. Masters of the gaming world. At our playertesting station the players had the chance to check out our concept and of course give us feedback what we could improve. Thank you for that!

Special Thanks to…

AgiAgi – for playtesting the game, the helpful feedback and good suggestions

Weirdo Whoever, skull_trumpet.gif, kerfuffle and Amberbaum – for the feedback in the Greenlight process

All the anonymous playtesters at the Open-House-Event in Hallein/Salzburg

Questions, ideas or you just want to say 'hi'? Shoot us a message! (also for Bugreports) ;)

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